In exchange for distribution of our coffee cups with your Brand Advertisement, we provide our exclusive network of convenience stores, coffee shops and cafés, with FREE paper coffee cups.

" we put your brand in their hand ! "

What Separates us from any known Competitor?

We offer seamless integration and distribution of coffee cups, with brand advertisements. Without loss in fulfillment.
Brand advertisers are now able to expand their audience reach, by placing an Interactive QR Code®, Snaptag® or NFC code® on the cup, container or package with their brand. to engage consumers through eCommerce and Social Media while on the go.

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Our Ad Cups are custom designed to caffeinate your brand's goal. Telling the story you need your brand to convey. that appeals to the audience you need to reach; Where they live, work and Play.


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Globe Icons Creative

If you love our business model, yet cant afford to host a large coffee cup Brand Advertising Campaign.

For a limited time, we are willing to host your company LOGO, Brand or Ad on a 2 minute 3D Virtual Cup Video, that we will create for your business,  as seen at the top of our website.  Your Company's Virtual Coffee Cup Video will also be featured Here in our online business portfolio.

Our fee for this service is $100.00 and a positive online review of Globe Icons Creative on a Social Media Website. In which you will place the video along with the words "Globe Icons Creative Put Our Brand In Your Hand!"

You can then utilize and share the video on any website or social media website as long as the website it is on has nothing to do with Religion, Politics, Drugs, Alcohol, Sex or any unlawful activity that would inertly cause harm to either party /or be deemed offensive to any reasonable person or party.


We specialize in offering Brand Advertisers a new form of outdoor advertising space. In and around convenience stores, coffee shops and cafes.

Our new innovative 3D Virtual Video Coffee Cup Software allows us to give Brand Advertisers a view of what their LOGO, Advertisement or Image would look like when applied to our paper hot coffee cups. Before having to place an order or waiting for a sample.

"a new kind of agency."

Cup advertising is effective for brand advertisers; as 66% of Americans drink coffee everyday.

it offers an average of  37 minutes brand exposure time. As the consumer experiences the physical sensation of warmth made to the perfection and taste they love. while viewing your brand and feeling positive during its consumption.

This powerful touch point also takes place by the consumer as they hold, raise and lower your brand advertisement, to eye level in excess of 20 times during its consumption time.

your Brand advertisement will also be viewed by an average of 6 other people who are exposed during its consumption.

Coffee consumers are loyal repeat customers, as the average American consumes coffee 4 times a day.
Due to our unique value position, We are able to offer Brand advertising space at price points cheaper than Digital online advertising with (PPC) Pay Per Click ads. With rates as low as $0.08 cents per cup, regardless of size. (Small, Medium or Large cups).

Today we are offering Ad space on over 20M Coffee cups. Located in over 120+ Gas station convenience stores located in 7 States on the east coast. This space is suitable for a mid to large regional and /or national brand advertiser. Such as an Automobile Manufacturer /Distributors and Automobile Insurance companies., wireless service providers who may already have their own marketing divisions and Ad Spend in mind. 

Although we have small accounts for local business clientele, which have much higher price points. We also have the ability to place Brand Advertisements on coffee cups in ranges, by size of the ad as well. From  1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and Full Cup Ad displays. To suit every business budget. In one color, two color, 4 color and full color arrangements.

Our team will sit down with you and discuss how we may best serve your needs.

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