About Us

Globe Icons, Inc. We are a new kind of agency startup that thinks and acts as a global conglomerate part of larger picture. We provide disruptive marketing strategies that are sustainable economic environmental technology solutions for the coffee, food & beverage industry. We connect people, places and things; that place your brand in their hand, where they live, work and play. Through sales of discounted ad space on discounted environmentally friendly coffee cups distributed in brand name coffee environments. By brand name coffee vendors, convenience stores, airlines, theme parks, hospitals and healthcare facilities. We don't give out FREE cup sleeves that add to waste, we take away expense and pay for use of environmentally friendly disposable cups to double profits; while reducing impacts on the environment.

Globe Icons Interactive hosts, monitors and maintains digital online and mobile marketing campaigns, to ensure our clients receive a service with pinnacle campaign results. As we now sit on the cusp of "The Fourth Industrial Revolution", GI's Internet Of Things IOT program is a mirror of the media landscape delivering new innovative communications tools that target where we live, work and play. Our due diligence and collaboration moves projects forward; as we bring stakeholder groups together. With a focus on generating maximum returns on investment (ROI) for clients; while exponentially realizing residual advertising space we offer on a schedule with bulk rate discounts. Based on volume, frequency and terms with seamless distribution.-A Win/Win for all parties.

Our business plan was developed over thirteen years, with SCORE Mentors at the BCC/Rowan Incubator in Mt. Laurel, NJ. Our vision, mission and purpose are inspired by Generation X. As our team is of the youngest generation to see a full color photo of earth from space. One without borders, lines or words to separate countries and people; placing us all here together. We are also the first generation to unite people in a global effort to preserve the environment where we live, work and play. Which is what we do; we dream and believe in success on a much larger scale. We offer more than sales of ad space on coffee cups; we provide disruptive innovative economic and sustainableenvironmental technology solutions stacked on existing technology with franchise opportunities. Creating a new business category for the world and future generations who will live, work and play on it.

Globe Icons, Inc. is filed as a (C) Inc. in the State of Delaware and launched on January 01, 2016, as a fledgling emerging startup, offering a perishable market opportunity, seeks internal and external investors, practices great intellectual property hygiene and offers a durable competitive advantage. Our journey has only begun and has already bootstrapped ad space on 25MM+ coffee cups in over 120+ gas station convenience stores, in seven States on the East Coast and growing. The question you should ask is not "where do you think they are going?. It should be "where does your company want to be"?

Gerard Kimble

Co-Founder & CFO