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Coffee Cup Advertising, Ad Publishing

Welcome to Globe Icons Interactive; We are a full service Marketing and Advertising Publisher Barter Exchange. We sell advertising space on over 20 million coffee cups, food & beverage cups and containers. The cups and containers are distributed by coffee, food and beverage distributors through existing supply chains to convenience stores and businesses that turn every consumer into a walking human billboard. "We Put Your Brand In Their Hand, Your Social Media Word Of Mouth On Their Lips, Then Guide Your Customer To Your Site; eCommerce Store, Music Or Video". With over 30 minutes of average brand impression consumption time. We offer FREE QR Codes that direct consumers to eCommerce online stores, websites, social media sites, music, videos, mobile marketing and coupon promotional marketing and advertising campaigns!

What is cup marketing and advertising?
Cup Marketing and Advertising also known as Coffee Cup Advertising utilizes beverage cups as marketing vehicles that improve the effectiveness of your promotional marketing campaign. Each cup ad is designed to generate an immediate direct response from consumers that can be measured, and attributed to individual promotional marketing advertisements.

How does cup marketing integrate with your marketing promotion?
Hot and cold drink cups, are a functional component of daily beverage consumption. They integrate seamlessly with your marketing promotion as they are used by all geographic and demographics of the consumer audience you need to reach. Coffee cups are also an essential functional component for daily coffee consumption related to coffee habit; as coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world.

What are the benefits of marketing and advertising on cups?
Consumers will touch and feel your brand in their hand while consuming their favorite beverage. Coffee consumers spend an average 37 minutes with your coffee cup advertisement during consumption.

Does cup marketing offer multiple brand impressions and brand awareness?
Your brand advertisement will receive multiple brand impressions as the cup is held by the consumer. Raising the cup to their mouth to consume the beverage an average of 20 times during consumption. Your brand advertisement will also be viewed by an average of 6 additional consumers during travel and consumption time; this is known as the Dovetail Effect and offers pinnacle brand awareness.

How can you measure marketing promotion effectiveness on cups?
We offer FREE QR Codes to enable consumers that utilize mobile devices, to be guided to your website, Social-Media site, Music and Video's! Discount offers and mobile marketing coupons can also be easily integrated to enhance the effectiveness of your cup marketing promotion.

How can you target the audience you need to reach marketing on cups?
Consumers can be reached while on the go; where they live, work and play. This form of advertising is critical to online eCommerce stores who depend on consumers to make sales through their website.

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Who designs the ad and where are they distributed?
We place your ad with your company message, logo or brand on coffee cups with a FREE QR Code that are distributed to coffee shops, coffee house chains, coffee roasters, retail stores, convenience stores, gas stations, coffee kiosks, delis, bagel shops, bakeries and many food and beverage venues within the geographic location of your choice to advertise within.

How do you know if this works and is cost effective?
Each client will receive a FREE QR Code that will be placed on the coffee cup with their company logo. Customers can also scan the QR Codes and/or SnapTags and will be routed directly to our client’s website, social-media sites videos and/or music via the use of their mobile device. Globe Icons Interactive will also create the link to your company website or social media website FREE of charge.

Target Distribution
Coffee cups with your advertisement will be distributed through coffee shops, coffee house chains, retail stores, convenience stores, gas stations, coffee kiosks, delis, bagel shops, bakeries and many food and beverage venues within the geographic location, region or zip codes of your choice. Our more complex coffee cup marketing and advertising packages offer a full spectrum of marketing analytics for your maximum ROI.

Coffee Cup Advertising With Interactive Mobile Marketing, Bar Code Coupons, Links To Your Business Website and/or Social Media Page
Globe Icons Interactive can design call to action CTA ads that can be printed on the coffee cups that allow your target audience to interact with your brand advertisement by sending a text message with their mobile device to receive a mobile marketing text message coupon.

Free QR Code
We offer the configuration of a FREE QR Code that will guide a consumers mobile device directly to your website for redemption or more information about the product. Your customer can also redeem the coupon at the point of sale (POS) in person. The QR Code can also be configured to guide consumers mobile devices to your social media site, video or music for further brand marketing, engagement and brand exposure.

Targeted Distribution
The coffee cups with your advertisement will be distributed through coffee shops, coffee house chains, retail stores, convenience stores, gas stations, coffee kiosks, delis, bagel shops, bakeries and many food and beverage venues within the geographic location, region or zip codes of your choice. Our more complex coffee cup marketing and advertising packages offer a full spectrum of marketing analytics for your maximum ROI.

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What is Coffee Cup Advertising?

Coffee Cup Advertising is any advertisement placed upon a coffee cup that is distributed out of an office, café, or drive-through coffee shop. This form of advertising was first popularized in Australia, and has begun growing in popularity in the United States, India, and parts of the Middle East. Source: Wikipedia

Cup Marketing and Advertising and Coffee Cup Advertising are marketing vehicles that improve the effectiveness of your promotional marketing, branding and direct marketing response for your marketing strategy. As each cup ad is designed to generate an immediate direct response from consumers, where each consumer response or purchase can be measured, and attributed to individual advertisements

Cup Marketing and Advertising and Coffee cup advertising has evolved into a conundrum of possibilities for promotional marketing, brand marketing and brand advertising for media buyers due to a sea change in modern communications, the birth of mobile marketing, the development of mobile devices and the massive growth of coffee consumption and distribution through convenience and food store chains. At Globe Icons Interactive, we pioneer the use of coffee cup advertising in the USA. We recognize this sea change as opportunity and stay ahead of the curve to offer our clients cutting edge results. Coffee Cup Advertising is no longer considered to be just a "shot gun" advertising approach; it utilizes creative thought, brand marketing interactive innovation and temporal to compose its form of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC).
Coffee cup advertising offers a pinnacle benefit boasting 37 minutes of average consumption time for brand impression awareness and is known amongst industry professionals as "The Dovetail Effect". This benefit is also extended by the consumer of the takeaway container; as the container's advertisement will be viewed by others where the consumer may travel. Coffee cup advertising is also closely associated to Ambient Advertising and Out-of-Home Advertising and/or Outdoor Advertising Mediums.

"Ambient is often used in conjunction with other campaigns and is not generally a stand-alone tactic.~(Azari & Kamen 1984)."
Since the birth of ambient advertising, adaptive marketing, new media marketing, social media marketing with inbound marketing via mobile marketing conveyed through outbound advertising to meet the rising demand for the advertiser's return on investment (ROI). These stakeholders together can demographically and geographically target and focus on the consumer audience and the relationship that is gained through identification of its various combinations of communication forms.
"Marketing is often divided into three types of communication: one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many. To a great extent, these methods have evolved in sequence, changing as communications technology evolved. Coffee Cup Advertising uses facets of all three.

Advantages Over Traditional Media
Coffee cups are a blank canvas or mobile billboard. A coffee cup can provide your business with a one-on-one interaction with a potential customer, help your business achieve brand recognition; reduce your business's advertising expenses, increase revenue and overall profits. Coffee cup advertising offers many other advantages over other traditional and nontraditional forms of advertising. This factor is extremely important to online retailers (ecommerce) and television retailers who need to reach customers while on the go.

The cost of advertising on coffee cups is considerably less than most other forms of advertising. At about ten cents ($0.10) US per ad, which is less than the cost paid for most outdoor, indoor, digital, PPC, CPM, newspaper, magazine or any other advertising medium.

Advertising on coffee cups allows you to target your advertising audience within a very specific geographical location. Other traditional forms of advertising, such as television commercials and newspaper ads do not take into consideration the fact that your target customers may be limited to specific neighborhoods.

Placing your company advertisement on a coffee cup guarantees that your ad, message, brand or logo will be viewed by the consumer who is a potential customer. Each consumer will spend approximately 37 minutes with a coffee cup during consumption time and will encounter an average of six other potential customers while drinking the cup of coffee this is known as the Dovetail Effect. Your customers will view your ad, message, brand or logo! Your advertising dollars do not get wasted.

Return On Investment (ROI)
Our innovative two way balanced inbound marketing analytic strategy and new media outbound coffee cup advertising medium earns your customer's interest instead of buying it. This allows serious customers to come to you, rather than an intrusive outbound advertising approach driving your valuable consumers away. Our coffee cup advertising marketing strategy works in tandem with your print, indoor and outdoor, social media and internet advertising for an exponential synergy of added value to maximize what matters most your Return On Investment (ROI)

Coffee Cup Advertising

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