We work with you to plan and design dynamic brand advertising and promotional campaign ads on coffee cups of coffee distributors in a singular or co-branded fashion. By adding a QR, NFLD or Snaptag and a CTA to "Scan Here"; your company can engage consumers via eCommerce and Social Media while on the go.

We offer seamless distribution of the coffee cups with your brand advertisement or promotional campaign by coffee shops, convenience stores, gas stations, bakeries, office buildings, businesses, corporations, hotels, stadiums, theme parks and hospitals. Without change of their product, supply chain or loss in fulfillment. 




Cup Ad Design

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We sell Outdoor, OOH, Brand Advertising Space On Coffee Cups for Planning, Design and Mass Distribution by Coffee, Food & Beverage Distributors
  • Coffee Cup Advertising
  • 37 Minutes of  Brand Exposure
  • Brand Awareness
  • Influence Attitude of Brand
  • Touch and Feel your Brand
  • Conveys a Favorable Outlook
  • Heightens Consumer Intent
  • Influence Consumer Preference
  • Is Seen by Others
  • Promotional Advertising Offers
  • Coupon Advertisement Offers
  • Tickets, Peel Offs and Samples
  • Allows for Mobile Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mass Distribution


Familiarize And Target Your Consumer Audience

Engage Consumers Via Mobile Marketing

Convert Consumers Into Customers

Sell Via Online eCommerce

Engage Customers Via Social Media

Follow Up - PR - Customer Service

Measure - Re-Calibrate - Launch

GLOBE ICONS CREATIVE is a new kind of agency Startup. We specialize in selling a new form of Outdoor, OOH, advertising space in, and around convenience store chains, coffee shop chains, cafes and other food & beverage venues through singular or co-brand coffee cup advertising. In exchange for distributing our advertising, we provide coffee distributors, institutions, theme parks and events with FREE coffee cups.

Cup advertising is effective for brand advertisers; as 66% of America drinks coffee everyday; it offers 37 minutes of brand exposure during consumption time. Brand advertisements are viewed by other people who are exposed during its consumption. Coffee consumers are also loyal repeat customers.

Brand advertisers are now able to expand their audience reach, by placing a QR code or NFC code on the cup with their brand, to engage consumers through eCommerce and Social Media while on the go. This allows the brand advertiser to engage, sell and track the effectiveness of their Advertising campaign.